Yes, you read that correctly. In the February edition of Country Homes & Interiors magazine, sitting proudly on page 73, there you will see our Mouldings & Appliques!

You don’t just have to limit these to headboards! My mouldings can be used on just about anything! Furniture, frames, wall, mirrors, doors, inside the home or out in the garden, The possibilities are endless!

The fun started some months back when I was approached by Selina Lake, one of the UK’s top interior designers. She wanted to use some of our mouldings to show how you could turn a cheap headboard from Argos into a Shabby Chic work of art! Would I like to help her! Of course I would!!

Selina was on a tight deadline, and wanted to come and collect that day, so I made up a bundle of my best sellers for her to take for her photo-shoot the next day.

Selina used a selection of my Rose appliques. These are real statement pieces & worked really well together! They can be bought separately, but I have also added them to the website as a special bundle, you can buy them exactly as Selina has used them, and I have even reduced the bundle by £10!

A few days later, Selina very kindly sent me the picture she had taken. Wow, it looked amazing! I was so happy with the way it had turned out! Nice one Selina!

Then the waiting game began! This all happened back in September, and the February issue has only just come out on January 3rd, so it’s been quite a wait to see it in print! But I wasn’t disappointed! A full page picture with the headboard adorning my mouldings, WOW!!! I was so happy! Looks beautiful!

I have a portfolio of my work, and the amazing transformations from my customers too. You can view it here

So, Thank you to the very talented Selina Lake. Selina has some great books available, including:


Pretty Pastel Style

Homespun Style

Romantic Style

Bazaar Style

And thank you too, Country Homes & Interiors!

Hope you enjoy reading your copy.


  1. Hi Rhonda! Good to hear from you! Glad you love using your mouldings, I LOVE your makeovers! Take care, Sam x

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