Tiny Bows x 2



Tiny Bow Resin Mouldings

These Tiny Bow Resin Mouldings are a simple way to add custom details to your furniture upcycles and craft projects.

The dimensions of each mouldings in this set of 2 are: 12mm H x 45mm W x 5.3mm D or 0.47 inches H x 1.77 inches W x 0.21 inches D.

Colour Range

This is available in a choice of finished colour options as well as unfinished off-white. Please use the drop down menu to select the finish you require.

Please  Note: The “small crown” mouldings in the colour range image are for the purpose of showing the colour variations only. You can see more information about the colour range here.

Please see the instructions page for information on how to use Chic Mouldings products.

Understanding Dimensions

For most mouldings, “Height” is the height as you see it in the product photo, and “Width” is the width. The “Depth” is the “thickness” of the moulding, or the distance it will protrude from the substrate or item it is adhered to.

In some cases, I have photographed mouldings at different angles, for example with single corners. In the case of corners, the height and width relate to the outside corner edges. Please see illustration below.


You may also use the ruler in the product photo or the “Image Template” that you can download above to help determine dimensions if needs be.

Tiny Bow Resin Mouldings SKU: CM-BO-24

Additional information

Weight 3 g
Dimensions 5.3 × 30 × 20 mm

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