Chic Mouldings has an extensive range, but if you can’t find what you are looking for, drop me a line to as I can custom make to order. Services include:

Custom Moulds and Mouldings

If you have a piece that you want to replicate, I can make a mould for you so that you can cast your own pieces, or I can make moulds and castings. Ideally, you will have a master that I can replicate from, but if not, Chic Mouldings is able to sculpt and reproduce items from clear photographs.

Custom Colours

Need a moulding to match something? With a good reference, I can customise your moulding with many different finishes. Mouldings can also be cast from transparent materials and tinted any colour you like.

Lightweight Mouldings

Need something to be super-light? Chic Mouldings can cast with soft and hard foams. This may be useful  for stunt pieces or for safety when a usually heavy piece cannot be screwed in for secure attachment.