Discounted Unfinished Chic Mouldings Bundles

Our customers love to get a bargain, they also love to try different styles of our Chic Mouldings, and keep their projects unique.
So, we have decided to offer a BUMPER value pack!
These packs will contain Unfinished Chic Mouldings designs that have NOT been finished off by us.
The will need the flashing taken off, some sanding on the edges, and a light sand on the backs for good adhesion to your projects.
As we do not have to do this work, we can offer this bundle to you at MASSIVELY reduced costs!
These bundles are piled onto an A4 sheet of card, and would normally retail (If perfect) at around £100
Yours for just £28!!
EVERY bundle is unique, so be aware of this before purchasing!

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