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MYSTERY BOX of resin mouldings! Grab A Bargain! (PLEASE READ CAREFULLY)

This pack contains Chic Mouldings seconds, end of lines, samples and (sometimes) useful offcuts.

The photos illustrate the sort of quantity and types you can expect. They show actual packs that have been sold or packed for sale, but each pack is different. Each of these packs is displayed on an A3 sized background so you can get an idea of scale.

Within the pack, the items may be:

  • Bent  – simply heat and bend back
  • Mis-cast or missing part – modify the moulding by cutting or sanding to even it up or adapt for your project
  • Snapped (simply glue together again. Filler is probably not required with a clean snap once it is re-glued, but can be used to hide any joins if needs be)
  • Discoloured – no-one will notice once it’s painted.
  • Old stock
  • Silicon ripped from a mould – simply pick it out with tweezers or a blade.

I always try to group these mystery seconds bundles thoughtfully so that you have pairs or multiples of some items, and some centrepiece type mouldings.

In order to supply these packs as cheaply as possible, these are not packed with the same supports I use for “firsts” mouldings. It is uncommon, but should any snap in transit simply glue them back together. It is assumed you will be painting these, and snapped parts are very easy to hide under paint once on your project.

All the mouldings are perfectly usable. Some will come with the flashing on, and these can be cut and/or sanded away.

Each mystery box of resin mouldings is unique, so be aware of this before purchasing. These are non-returnable.

Additional information

Weight 1000 g
Dimensions 200 × 250 × 40 mm